In efforts to curb and address challenges facing the boy child, Bishop John Oballa Owaa of Ngong Diocese has called on Catholic men to commit in mentoring the boy child.

The boy child continues to face a myriad of challenges in and out of the society, which has resulted to a large population of the male gender feeling isolated rendering him victim to depression, low esteem and drug abuse among others.

In his address as he presided over Commissioning of over seventy Catholic Men and over thirty Catholic Women at St. John and Sylvia Parish in Acacia, Kitengela on Sunday 28th January 2024, Bishop Oballa asked men to spearhead in reawakening conscience and focus of the boy child systematically.

“As CMA, you would do well to commit to systematic mentoring of the boy child. Definitely, not at the expense of the girl child, but to awaken the focus on preparing the boy to the demands of life today and in days to come.” Said Bishop John Oballa

He asked them to do this with authority which does not impose the message but which commends it to the conscience of these young minds in the sight of God.

The bishop stressed the need for men to be present in their families and not to be a weekend husband or father so as to play their prophetic role in the family life by announcing and living according to the revealed truth in the Gospel.

“Dear men, like all baptised people, the power of Christ is manifested in you. We pray that your presence in the Family, the Church and Society will help in shaking the power of the evil one by the strength of your spiritual life and love. We pray that you will speak with authority so that your words and your actions will have congruence. Nothing teaches more eloquently than by example.”

To ease the burden carried by a man amidst all the moral economic challenges of our time, because he is the provider, protector and head of the family. The prelate asked men to support one another, borrowing a slogan, “Man, leave no fellow man behind.” “So much runs in his head. There is a phenomenon of men just collapsing in their homes. The level of stress is high. If it is rent, or fee, or food or family squabbles, shield him and let the Lord heal him in your hands. CMA can be a great fraternity where men can freely share their joys and sorrows without sinking into the storms of life.”